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From skeptical to success story...

Meet member Jennifer G.

"Why does Jennifer Roskamp’s program work so well for us?? And why did the others(there were so many!) not work?  

For one thing, a book or class can contain all the secrets in the world. It is knowing how to apply them, how to adapt them to your own situation, that is the real magic.  

You get classes, reading materials, yes. But more importantly, you get the input of other students on the same journey."  

"And you get Jennifer Roskamp herself. In reply to one of my posts in the Thriving on a Dime, Facebook group, Jennifer Roskamp replied: “And the thing is, when your finances are out of control, pretty much every area of your life is usually out of control. This also means that when you start getting your finances in control, it's amazing how that will spill over into other areas of your life.”  

This was certainly true in our life. It wasn't just money that were were letting slide. It wasn’t just finances that overwhelmed us. The good news is once you start exercising some discipline in one area, it can domino." 

"For our situation. I am so relieved that we were taking Thriving on a Dime while trying to improve our health. I could have easily gone from overeating, to overspending and thought that was jus the way it had to be! But instead of just switching one bad habit (with diet) for another bad habit(overspending), instead we have made progress in both! Instead of using a diet as an excuse to go crazy with the grocery budget, we instead challenged ourselves to live our new lifestyle on a reasonable budget!"


"I don’t remember how I found her. But I do remember reading about her course. I have taken a “million” courses, books and such. I knew another one would not teach me anything I didn’t already know.  

I was SO WRONG.  

First, she tempted me with a free month. Then she hit me with the testimonials. People were sharing the astronomical amounts that they were saving.Could we actually achieve savings like this?? I decided probably not.  

But, I decided that if we did not save at least $29 a month, we could simply cancel.  

We have learned so much! And I have given up a thousand times, and then kept going." 

"It is unlike any program I have ever done. I have received personalized recommendations and answers specific to my personal situation. The encouragement alone is worth at least $29 a month!  

And we do save more than $29 a month. We are making small, incremental changes. Changes that I know are for the better and will take us to where we need to be. Even if we aren’t there right now."  

YES, I'M IN! (1st month FREE)